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Handmade And Organic Cosmetics Are A Little Known Product On Etsy

| Mar 29, 2014 | Vote 0 0 Handmade and organic cosmetics are a little known product on Etsy Brooke Marton Brooke Marton, owner of Firebird Bath & Body, has sold 29,000 units through Erzulie Erzulie cosmetic are organic, mineral and gluten-free. Firebird Firebird Bath & Beauty products are sold on Rhonda Demars Farland Hamilton Spectator By CHRISTINA VALHOULI When Tara Graff was searching for makeup that would not irritate her sensitive skin, she did not head to Sephora, or the cosmetics counter of a department store. She turned to “I couldn’t wear regular makeup,” said Graff, a homemaker who, as a military spouse, divides her time between Sitka, Alaska, and Brigantine, N.J. “I was breaking out and getting itchy, so I started reading labels and getting disgusted with all the chemicals in the products.” Graff said she tried mineral makeup from Bare Escentuals but found it expensive and irritating to her skin, so her mother suggested she take a look at Etsy. Introduced in 2005, Etsy is best known as a marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, ranging from jewellery and art to sweaters. Many people don’t know that the website also sells handmade cosmetics. You have to dig around for them, as makeup is categorized under the Home & Living section. Many of the cosmetics are organic, vegan and mineral-based and are not tested on animals. Some sellers also customize their products to buyers’ taste (adding or omitting a particular ingredient, or creating a custom colour) and prices can be negotiable. “It was cool to see all these small businesses, and it’s better than Amazon, because you can contact the owner and have a conversation about what is in the products,” Graff said. After sampling makeup from a few different brands on Etsy, Graff stumbled upon Erzulie, a line created by Rhonda Demars Farland in Swansea, Mass. Named for a goddess of love and beauty, the company sells organic, mineral and gluten-free products, ranging from foundation and lip balm to blush and cleansers. Graff and Demars Farland discussed Graff’s skin concerns before Demars Farland mailed her a foundation. “She got it right the first time,” said Graff. Brooke Marton, owner of Firebird Bath & Body in Baltimore, Md., has been selling tinted lip balms and perfume on Etsy since 2008. She said she’s sold 29,000 units since then. “Etsy is the best thing that has ever happened to me, business-wise,” Marton said. “There is a lot of help and support through Etsy, and I can connect with a community of like-minded sellers.” Some people are grossed out by the concept of buying makeup that has been made at someone’s kitchen table. “It’s like what your mother told you: Don’t share makeup with your friends,” said Dr. Rebecca Baxt, assistant professor of dermatology at New York University and a dermatologist in New York and New Jersey. “You don’t know where the makeup has been or how it was made. Or how clean the person’s kitchen table is.” According to a spokesperson for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, independent makeup brands must adhere to the same FDA laws regarding packaging and labelling as major cosmetics companies. In 2011, the Etsy cosmetics store Glittersniffer, owned by Lela Warren in Detroit, came under fire for using pigments that were not FDA-approved. Warren began a voluntary recall of her products and subsequently closed her Etsy shop. The goods sold on Etsy can disappear overnight. Jackie Pfleuger of Rochester, N.Y., had been selling Noella Beauty, a range of organic mineral-based makeup about half the price of Jane Iredale and Bare Escentuals, on Etsy since 2010. But a search this week for Noella Beauty on Etsy produced a dead link; a personal site,, bore an expiration notice. Calls and emails to Pfleuger went unreturned, and it seemed that those wanting to try her high-coverage foundation or eye shadow were at least temporarily out of luck.
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10 Diy Skin Care Recipes From The Kitchen

(iStock)(iStock)The Oil-Removing Face Mask This mask works double-duty Epsom salt extracts dirt and oil from pores, while papaya and yogurt calm cleaned skin. Flesh of 4 papaya In a bowl, mash papaya with a fork; blend in yogurt and set aside. Dissolve Epsom salts in a large pot of water, then drop in tea bag. Bring to a boil; remove from heat. Sit with face over pot for 3 minutes, head covered with a towel (like a tent) to seal in steam. Spread papaya mask over face. Leave on 10 minutes; rinse. (Photo: Dan Drury)(Photo: Dan Drury)The Eye Treatment Treat the tender skin around your eyes with care and you’ll look like you always get your beauty sleep. 1 1/2 tsp pure shea butter 1 cup water 2 green tea bags In a bowl, mix jojoba oil and shea butter; set aside. Microwave water for one minute, then steep tea bags for a few seconds. Squeeze out; place a chamomile bag on each upper eyelid and a green tea bag under each eye. Relax for ten minutes. Toss bags and gently dab jojoba balm around the eyes. (Photo: Ted Morrison)(Photo: Ted Morrison)The Lip Scrub Not only does this scrub create a prettier pout, but it gently perfumes lips, leaving them as sweet as they are soft. (Photo: Visser Lucas)(Photo: Visser Lucas)The Lip Gloss 1 scoop or 2 packets Natural Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light Small jar with lid Mix petroleum jelly and Crystal Light in a bowl, adding 1 tsp water a few drops at a time, until gloss turns berry red. Use a spatula to smooth formula into jar. (Photo: Mike Lorrig)(Photo: Mike Lorrig)The Brown Sugar Body Scrub The best way to get ready for warmer weather? Slough off dead winter skin with a scrub that smells like the islands. (Pina colada not included). 1 cup brown sugar 10 drops essential rose and/or sandalwood oil In a glass bowl add essential oil(s) to the sugar and stir thoroughly. Add hydrating coconut oil gradually, stirring continuously. Stop when the scrub reaches the consistency of moist sand. (Photo: Devon Jarvis)(Photo: Devon Jarvis)The Coffee Body Scrub 1 tbsp sea salt Blend all ingredients and place in an air-tight container. Massage all over body in an upward motion before rinsing off. Can be stored for up two months. (Photo: Josephine Schiele)(Photo: Josephine Schiele)The Body Mask This spicy blend might remind you of Christmas but it’s ideal for any season. Ginger and cinnamon help to fight illness, while turmeric reduces inflammation. 1/4 cup cinnamon 1/4 cup clove Mix together all spices, slowly adding a drop of water at a time until the spices form a paste. Spread a thin layer over your skin and let dry for 15 minutes. Rinse off in the shower and follow with moisturizer.
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Suggestions On How To Create A Beauty Routine

A variety of things play into beauty. Personality is a large part of it, not just physical appearance. It has a lot to do with confidence, too. These tips will allow you to bring your inner beauty out for the world to see.
You can avoid sun damage to your skin by using a good sunscreen. Your sunscreen should also contain antioxidants and other healthy ingredients. These ingredients both protect and nourish your skin so that it doesn’t age as quickly.
A good skin care tip is to exfoliate your face. Dry or sensitive skin should be exfoliated between one and three times a week in order to reveal the healthy skin hiding underneath. This will give your face a fresh, radiant glow and will prevent your pores from becoming blocked by oils and dead skin cells.
Research has shown that most people find beauty in symmetry. Therefore, if you’re trying to improve your look, make sure there is symmetry. Regardless of whether you are trimming your beard or applying make-up, you should make sure that the right and left sides are symmetrical (mirror images).

To Get Those Nice Long Fingernails, Use Vaseline To Massage Into Your Cuticles Each Week.

Regardless of how hard we try to maintain a clear complexion, almost everyone deals with acne and pimples at some point. If a pimple creeps up, you can try a simple home remedy. Let the toothpaste sit on the pimple for ten minutes or so. This will reduce the pimple and make it less noticeable.
Use a highlighter or moisturizer with warm gold or pink undertones to add some life back to dull wintery skin. A cosmetic sponge will help apply the moisturizer to your face evenly. Do not apply it anywhere else on your face. Using too much will give you a fake, shiny appearance.
Make foundation last longer by mixing it with moisturizer. This will help your skin to glow and add some SPF as well.
To get those nice long fingernails, use Vaseline to massage into your cuticles each week. This helps promote nail growth. After applying nail polish, finish with a top coat for long-lasting results.
You can get the slightly dried makeup that collects in the cap of your makeup to double as an under-eye concealer. If you do not have any more concealer but desperately need some, the small amount of makeup found under the cap is sufficient. This works perfectly in a pinch.
If powdered mineral makeup makes your skin feel itchy, try to find one that has a formula which doesn’t contain bismuth oxychloride. Find a type that does not contain this ingredient, which is a common irritant.
Beauty depends on how well everything fits together. Healthy looking skin is one of the key elements of physical beauty. Many men and women fail to realize that following only a few simple rules can make a remarkable difference in their appearance.
As we said before, being beautiful does not just mean your looks. When you apply the tips laid out here, you can bring everything together that makes you look beautiful. There is more to beauty than just your appearance; it reflects your true inner self.

They’re Up To Six Times Cheaper Yet Often Contain The Same Ingredients. So Should You Use Hand Cream On Your Face?

Across every brand in the beauty aisles, face cream is at least twice the price of the hand cream ¿ and in some cases, as with Clarins and Avon, as much as five or six times more.

These days, youre as likely to find SPFs and active ingredients designed to counter wrinkles and age spots in your hand cream as your face cream. Across every brand in the beauty aisles, face cream is at least twice the price of the hand cream and in some cases, as with Clarins and Avon, as much as five or six times more. And while the company behind Hand Chemistry doesnt advise using it on your face, it does admit its lotion was inspired by face creams. As hands can age more dramatically than the face, we had to include higher concentrations of a selection of the most effective anti-ageing technologies to be able to produce a very visible difference within just a few days, says founder Brandon Truaxe. Higher concentrations of the most effective anti-ageing technologies, for a fraction of the price of a traditional anti-ageing cream? Surely that makes swapping your regular moisturiser for a hand cream a no-brainer? The dreaded all-in-one is back. But ANNEKA RICE, who made it trendy, says jumpsuits can be sexy in middle age! After all, across every brand in the beauty aisles, face cream is at least twice the price of the hand cream and in some cases, as with Clarins and Avon, as much as five or six times more. The price of products rarely has much to do with the intrinsic cost of the raw materials, explains cosmetic chemist Colin Sanders. The cynical rationale would be that people care about their faces and like to lavish expense on them, and it would be a shame not to give them the opportunity to do so. However, he warns: Hand cream can leave skin looking shiny and cause reactions or blocked pores on the face. Still, if youre prone to dry skin, are looking for a night cream (so shine doesnt matter) and are willing to gamble on the possibility of getting a spot or two, could it be worth switching your regular moisturiser for the hand cream from the same range? We put the idea to the test, comparing creams from the bargain basement to the top end. The results certainly give food for thought . . . Neutrogena HAND: Norwegian Formula Anti-Ageing Hand Cream SPF25, 2.99 (5.98/100ml) FACE: Norwegian Formula Ultimate Moisture Day Cream SPF10, 7.99 (15.98/100ml) This entire range is specifically designed for dry skin. Both the face and hand creams contain glycerine, which is good at drawing water to the skin. They both also contain a soy extract thats clinically proven to reduce the appearance of brown spots and, crucially for an anti-ageing product, while they both contain SPF, the hand cream contains SPF 25 but the face cream only SPF 10. The hand cream went on my face smoothly enough and, even though my skin isnt particularly dry, it didnt look shiny. Verdict: With a higher SPF and proven efficacy against brown spots, Id pick the hand cream every time. LANCOME HAND: Nutrix Royal Mains Hand Cream, 22 (22/100ml) FACE: Nutrix Royal Day Cream, 39 (78/100ml) If you had to blind test these two, Id put money on you thinking the face cream was hand cream. Its thick and doesnt smell as nice as the hand cream. Both have the same high-powered moisturisers glycerin, mineral oil, shea butter, seed oils and royal jelly extract in fact, more than half of the face cream ingredients are in the hand cream. Both products leave my skin quite greasy. Verdict: If youve got very dry skin and youre looking for a heavy-duty night cream, save your cash and pick the hand cream. AVON HAND: Anew Clinical Absolute Even Spot Correcting Hand Cream SPF15 with DSX, 10 (13.33/100ml) FACE: Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Correcting Cream with DSX, 22 (73.33/100ml) The hand cream is quite thick compared with the thinner formulation for the face cream, and although the hand cream initially leaves my skin a bit sticky, after a few minutes there is not much to choose between the side Ive applied face cream to and the side with hand cream.
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Ask A Doctor: Do Stem Cell Face Creams Really Work?


January 8, 2013 12:21 pm Face cream illustration via Shutterstock If youve been to the beauty counter lately or up late enough to see theinfomercials, the latest in skin creams supposedly have stem cell technology. But do they really work?According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were more than nine million cosmetic procedures in the United States last year, at the cost of $10 billion. Yes, billion. Its a big business, and everyone wants in. Over the past few years, more and more facial creams have been introduced into the U.S. markets claiming to minimize theappearanceof wrinkles and to slow down, even reverse, the course of aging. Under the guise of terms like scientifically engineered, these creams claim to harness the power of stem cells or stem cell extracts. Stem cells are cells within the body capable of regenerating into new tissue. Stem cells can be found in various places within the body like the bone marrow orwithinthe deeper layers of the skin. They can regenerate themselves and differentiate into any type of tissue (bone, cartilage, nerve, muscle, etc.) that is needed depending on their surrounding environment. Stem cells hold some promise in areas of wound healing, tissue engineering, and some neurological disorders. Some products claim their active ingredient is a plant stem cell (apple seems to be the most popular), while others state there are no stem cells, but utilize stem cell extracts as their active ingredient. The overall stated goal of these products is to stimulate the amount of collagen formation and other peptides within the skin to improve its elasticity and texture, calling them cosmeceuticals. That term was coined by the industry as a way of giving the impression that the cosmetic has a drug-like benefit. It is just the marketing departments way of giving you the impression that you are getting the most advanced treatment and biggest bang for your buck. The term cosmeceuticals is not recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and thus not subject to its regulatory scope. What this means is that not one of these products are required to prove the validity of the science it preaches for it products. To date, none of these companies have published any significant data in the literature that proves their effectiveness.Furthermore, no stem cells could even survive long-term embedded in a cream, let alone be guaranteed to work on all individuals (your body would be more likely to reject foreign cells). Stem cells are also being used for facial rejuvenation (not in a cream) by harvesting stem cells within your own body. Performed by a qualified surgeon, the cells are processed and re-injected into your face. The results of these treatments seem promising. But having an individual get benefits simply by applying a cocktail of ingredients and apple stem cells on their skin remains to be scientifically proven. The bottom line is that there is no conclusive scientific data that absorbing stem cell extracts from a cream can really reverse the aging process.My advice is that a good cream is a good cream. But if the advertising seems to good to be true, it most likely is.Buyerbeware. Dr. Waleed Ezzat Waleed Ezzat, MD is a facialreconstructive surgeon at the Boston Medical Center.
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Shailene Woodley’s Best Beauty Advice: ‘be Pregnant With The World’ And More

When asked for her best tip at Tuesday nights L.A. premiere of Divergent, she said: Get in a bath and look at your body and be like, Wow, thank you so much for hosting my mind and my heart, like as women you know, and also be pregnant with the world. I think thats really beautiful beauty advice, like, close your eyes and think about all of the other women out there who arent in positions to be on a red carpet in Hollywood tonight enjoying this beautiful weather and all of these beautiful smiles and put those women in your womb and be pregnant with them and send them love. Submit your Real Beauty photo now! While that may be easier said than done, Woodley has offered up some simpler-to-follow (but still slightly out there) beauty advice in the past. If youre looking to follow the Woodley plan for shiny hair and great skin, try some of the below tips. * Get plenty of sun below the waist. I like to give my vagina a little vitamin D If youre feeling depleted, go in the sun for an hour and see how much energy you get. Or, if you live in a place that has heavy winters, when the sun finally comes out, spread your legs and get some sunshine. * Ingest clay. Ive discovered that clay is great for you because your body doesnt absorb it, and it apparently provides a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes. And, this is crazy: it also helps clean heavy metals out of your body. ( Into the Gloss has more on her favorite types of clay.) * Swish with sesame oil for a bright smile. Its amazing! It really makes your teeth whiter, because the plaque on your teeth is not water soluble, its fat-soluble. So the lipids have to dissolve in fats, which is why oil works in your mouth. * Keep shampooing to a minimum. I basically have horse hair. Its so low-maintenance When it was long, I used shampoo from Living Libations, but now its really short. I only shampoo it like once a monththe oilier, the better. (Check out Into the Gloss for even more of her favorite natural beauty products) *Good skin comes from good humor. I can tell you, all of my friends in their mid-thirties and early forties laugh a lot and have no wrinkles, she tells PEOPLE. That is the secret to good skin. I swear. Everybody has this big thing about chemicals and facials but it is just laughter. *Take charge of your beauty products. Woodley has been making her own soaps for years. When I was 15 I started studying indigenous peoples and their lifestyles because I was like What does healthy mean? she tells PEOPLE. Part of that is just knowing what is in the products you use and the foods you eat the happiness, being positive it all contributes to it. * Make the most of your evenings and mornings: The thing thats most grounding for me before bed, though, is when I wash my face. To wash my face and nourish my skin and cleanse myself of everything that happened through the day. And the next morning? The second I wake up, I scream very loudly [to the tune of ‘Good Morning’ from Singin’ in the Rain], Good morning! Good morning! And then I scream out, Exciting day! Exciting day! I feel like it completely sets the mood for the whole day. * Embrace the you you are. For Woodley, that means going makeup-free almost all the time. I realized that, growing up and looking at magazines, I was comparing myself to images like thatand most of it isnt real. How do you stay true to yourself?
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